St Peter Tower and Marlborough Street Market

A day in Marlborough finding out about the fascinating history of St Peter's Tower, followed by some shopping in the afternoon along Marlborough's famously wide High Street.  If you are visiting on a Wednesday or Saturday, then enjoy the outdoor market as well.


An unexpected gem of a tower tour given by the indefatigable Tower Constable, Jeremy York.  Climb the 139 steps and learn about the church, its bells and its Norman history. You will be greeted at the top with a fabulous view of the High Street (the second widest in the country) and a secret peep into the grounds of Marlborough College.

Children love it too – and everyone gets a free bar of chocolate at the end. There's a fabulous coffee shop as well.

Approximately 2 hours

Lunch Stops

There's plenty of choice on where to eat in Marlborough - just have a look here.


Enjoy the marvellous range of shops in Marlborough along its famous wide High Street and if you are visiting on a Wednesday or a Saturday, there is an excellent outdoor market.