What on earth is Geocaching?

It’s a giant treasure hunt taking place all over the world – and that includes the Pewsey Vale.

The locations of Geocaches can be found on line.  Using GPS, you navigate to a particular location and then have to find the Geocache.  A Geocache can be a box or container, or can just be a logbook.  If you find your Geocache, then you log it in the logbook and on line to prove you have found it.  Some Geocaches have items in them and you can take one of these so long as you replace it with something of same or better value.

The Geocache app can be loaded down so that you have everything to hand as you go around the Pewsey Vale or indeed the rest of the world.

It’s a great way to get around the countryside – cycling, walking or driving.

We have quite a few located in the Pewsey Vale – and one of the trickiest can be found at the Pewsey Heritage Centre – we will say no more!

So, get on the Geocaching website and learn and play – it’s great fun!