North Wessex Downs Walking Festival – Cocklebury Farm Family Walk

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Part of the North Wessex Downs Walking Festival 2024

Cocklebury Farm Family Walk


Cocklebury is a family run farm focused on sustainability. Cocklebury strives hard to encourage and protect wildlife, while also working the farm with Aberdeen Angus cattle and taking enough hay each year to see the herd through the winter months.

This family focused and educational farm walk will be about 1.5 miles in total, taking around 2 hours to complete at an ambling pace. There will be plenty of stops along the way to explain how the farm works (water pumping, cattle handling, hay-making) and to look at farm machinery (cattle corral, telehandler, tractor). The group will also have the chance to feed some of the cattle – they can’t resist an apple! Bat boxes and beehives are found along the way.

There is lots of history and wildlife to discover on site! We are likely to spot hares, herons, buzzards, kites, kestrels, swallows, swans, pheasants and many more species. Wildlife Bingo sheets will be provided for the children, as well as a make-your-own template.

There are plenty of pretty views to be found when walking around Cocklebury, and walkers are welcome to bring drinks and snacks to have at stops.

Walk leader/organisation: Mark Lovelace, Cocklebury Farm

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