Day 4 – Mid-Wilts Way Stage 3 – Knap Hill to Smallgrain Plantation

7.4 miles of the Mid- Wilts Way plus 4.5 miles of detours - 11.9 miles in total

Food - take a packed lunch or visit Honeystreet Mill Cafe

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Mid-Wilts Way Stage 3 - Knap Hill to Smallgrain Plantation

Starting at Knap Hill, you will be heading west across the spectacular Pewsey Downs and Alton Barnes White Horse.  Gorgeous.

Day 4 Mid-Wilts Way Itinerary - Detailed Information


Arrive at Start Point by 10am and we are immediately detouring off the Mid-Wilts Way to explore the heart of the Vale of Pewsey.  

Take a detour from the Mid-Wilts Way from Knap Hill car park, down the hill to All Saints' Church in Alton Priors.  

Knap Hill to All Saint's Church:  1.5 miles.  Approximately 1.25 hours walking.

Spend approximately .5 hour at the Church.

From All Saints' Church, continue your detour to Honeystreet Mill.

All Saints's Church to Honeystreet Mill:  .75 mile.  Approximately .5 hour walking plus 1 hour at the Crop Circle Exhibition & Information Centre, Honeystreet Mill Farm Shop and The India Shop.

2.2 miles / 3.5 kms

Lunch at Honeystreet Mill Cafe or packed lunch

Approximately 1.5 hours


Retrace your steps and return to the Mid-Wilts Way (Knap Hill Car Park) to continue walking the Mid-Wilts Way.

2.2 miles.  Approximately 1 hour.

Walk the Mid Wilts Way from Knap Hill to Smallgrain Plantation - we have allowed plenty of time for taking in the views, seeing the White Horse and taking pictures.

5.5 miles.  Approximately 3 hours.

End of Day 4 of the Mid-Wilts Way itinerary