Day 1 – Mid-Wilts Way Stage 1 – Ham to Wilton

7.5 miles of the Mid-Wilts Way plus 3.5 miles of detours - 11 miles in total

Food - take a packed lunch or visit The Swan Inn, Wilton.

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Mid-Wilts Way Stage 1 - Ham to Wilton

This stage of the Mid-Wilts Way takes you from the pretty village of Ham, through beautiful and peaceful countryside and woodland to the village of Wilton, where you can get lunch at The Swan Inn, visit Wilton Windmill or do the Bedwyn Brail walk as a diversion.

Day 1 Mid-Wilts Way Itinerary - Detailed Information


Walk the Mid-Wilts Way from Ham to Wilton

Approximately 3.5 hours

7.5 miles / 12 kms

Lunch at The Swan Inn in Wilton or packed lunch

Approximately 1.5 hours


Take a detour to Wilton Windmill and enjoy a guided tour (during open season - Easter to end September, Sundays & Bank Holidays, 2pm to 5pm) or download the self-guided tour.

Approximately 1 - 2 hours depending on whether you do the guided tour

Half a mile / .8 km

Once you have visited Wilton Windmill, continue your detour to walk through Bedwyn Brail - a beautiful woodland which is managed for its wildlife.

3 miles / 4.8 kms

Approximately 1.5 hours

End of Day 1 of the Mid-Wilts Way itinerary