Taking Care of the Countryside

The Pewsey Vale is a beautiful, rural part of the country and we want you to enjoy your visit.


We also want to avoid headlines such as this one from The Daily Telegraph (8th March 2016):

Britain’s worst sheep-worrying ‘in living memory’ as 116 animals killed

More than 100 sheep – many of them pregnant – die in crush or from shock after being herded into tight group against fence in West Sussex by dogs   Read more…..


So, if tourism is to be truly sustainable, it has to work for everyone – those who work and live in the countryside, visitors, wild flora and fauna, domesticated and farm animals.

As a visitor, and as a resident, it is important to be aware of your responsibilities when you are enjoying the countryside. Many of the incidents that take place are just not anticipated and could be completely avoided.  Many incidents (such as disturbing nests) are illegal.

We asked local landowners and residents what their concerns are – here are a few:

Dogs off leads disturb the local wildlife – in particular ground nesting birds such as the beautiful skylarks – particularly during the nesting season, between March and August.

Could you be breaking the law?  More information here.

Track & Gateway People must ensure they are on the right type of right of way for their activity (e.g. bridleways or byways if you are on horseback, byways open to all traffic if you are in a 4×4 and so on – more information can be found here).
I have found people actually digging up wild flowers!

So is this illegal?  More information here.

Scabious & Bee c
Wildlife Conservation c Where areas are marked as conservation areas, they really must not be walked on, cycled on, rode on or otherwise used – it damages the vital conservation work and potentially negates the conservation area.
Litter.  There is so much thrown out of car windows or dropped on rights of way that could just be taken home and disposed of properly.  Apart from looking awful, litter is very dangerous for the wildlife.
Hedgehog 1
Hedgehog with severe neck injuries from an elastic band


In fact, there is loads of advice available and well worth looking through as there are often responsibilities that you may not be aware of.  Here are a couple of links that we think provide sound and understandable advice:

NFU – You, Your Dog & The Countryside

Natural England – The Countryside Code

We would urge you to have a look through this information – it is surprising how much you can learn about things you had not even previously thought of.

We hope you enjoy your sustainable visit to the Pewsey Vale