St Andrew’s Church – Wootton Rivers
Wootton Rivers

The distinctive church of St Andrew’s in Wootton Rivers, accessed from the village lane along a pretty path, originally stood in the grounds of the Saxon manor house.

Wootton came into the hands of the de la Riviere family after 1281 and the list of vicars dates from 1321.

Rebuilding took place in 1860 and a famous clock (Jack Spratt’s Clock) was built to commemorate the coronation of George V in 1911, using scrap iron, brass weights, gun metal and brass pipes.

The Great War had a devastating effect on the population and there is a memorial on the north wall.

The bells were relined and reinstalled in December 1999.

St Andrew’s has a crooked steeple and a well-known clock – Jack Spratt’s Clock – which has three faces, a very unusual dial and an interesting story!  A different chime rings for each hour.

There is an information board in the church porch.

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