Savernake Forest

Savernake Forest
Savernake Forest

The old Forest of Savernake is derived from ancient wood pasture management, and has many veteran trees.  The forest extends to 1100 hectares (2750 acres) most of which is classified as a Special Site of Scientific Interest (SSSI) as well as being registered as an important historic park.

One of the oldest trees is the Big Bellied Oak which is very noticeable on the side of the A346 road, south of Cadley.

The Savernake (or Esturmey) Horn was acquired by the British Museum in 1975 for £210,000. Wardens of Savernake Forest were presented  with the horn which was required to be blown in greeting when the Monarch visited Savernake Forest. The horn was last blown when King George VI visited the forest in 1940 to inspect troops stationed there. Made of elephant ivory from the 12th or 13th century and silver bands from 14th and 18th centuries

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