Virtual 2021 – Create Your Own Indian Curry

Event Details

Date: Wednesday 21st April

Timings: 7-8pm

Cost:  These classes cost £10 per household/device.

Menu: Create Your Own Indian Curry

Details:   In this class we explore the  flavours of India from the comfort of your own kitchen!

Book onto a class and we will send you a Core Ingredients List that every Indian Curry should have in it, detailed per person and  an Equipment List  The Herbs and Spice Guide details what the main flavours of India are, where they are from and what they bring to a dish so you can choose which flavours you think will suit you.  Finally a choice of Meat, Fish, Vegetables or Pulses is included in the guide with advice on which work best and how to cook the different options.

These classes are designed for chefs over the age of 16, but as long as an adult is cooking alongside them, we are happy for under 16’s to take part.

How it works:

Step 1: Book onto one of our Virtual Cookery classes.

Step 2: We will email you all the paperwork, including the ingredients you will need to buy & the equipment you will need (all standard kitchen equipment) on receipt of payment and a week before the event

Step 3: You will need to do the shopping!

Step 4: We will send you the online-class log-in details the day before.

Step 4: Log-on and enjoy your Virtual class with Gretchen at the arranged time & date.

Book your place here.