Marlborough College Summer School: Illyria’s Production of Dr Dolittle Part 2

Event Details

Marlborough College Summer School 2021 Gala Event on Tuesday 27th July 2021 at 7.30pm in the Memorial Hall - Illyria's Production of Dr Dolittle Part 2.

Following the phenomenal success of 2018's tour of The Adventures of Doctor Dolittle, Illyria are delving back into Hugh Lofting's amazing stories to bring you a brand-new musical adaptation of the Doctor's further adventures with Jip the Dog, Dab Dab the Duck, Gub Gub the Pig and Polynesia the Parrot. Where in the world will they go? Will they even stay on this world!? Which new animals will they help along the way? Is Gub Gub still dreaming about cake? Doctor Dolittle 2 features a fully orchestrated score, amazing puppets and a plethora of catchy songs.

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