Exhibition: On The Edge – Stephen Spicer PH.D ARCA

Event Details

This event finished on 23 March 2019

On the Edge - a solo exhibition of Stephen Spicer's work at McNeill Gallery of Contemporary Art in Pewsey from Saturday 9th March to Saturday 23rd March, with an opening event on Friday 8th March from 5pm to 8.30pm.

Gallery Hours:

Tuesday to Friday 11am - 5pm

Saturday 11am - 2-30pm

Closed Sunday & Monday

Given the scope of work included in this exhibition which covers over a fifty-year period, there were four distinct periods and places in process: Cornwall, London, Piedmont Italy and East Sussex. A selection of works by Spicer will include, Cubism and Realism paintings through time including Oil Paintings, Pen & Ink sketches & Watercolours.

Ceramic plates (Fired paintings) in the shape of 18” earthenware to evoke figurations, often on themes parallel to my paintings as well as 6” Raku ware depicting philosophers, scientists, artists and authors.

The Snowplough - A book by Stephen Spicer will be available at this exhibition. The story of The Snowplough was inspired by real life experiences in Piedmont Alps. Though various elements are imaginary, the scenes were all based in actuality and put together at various times with a narrative and poem to maintain cohesion.

Educated in England, Stephen Spicer graduated from The Royal College of Art in 1965 tutored by renowned artist/tutor Mary Fedden.

Major Exhibitions: The Royal Academy 1994 and 1999 Summer Exhibition, Studio 1 Hampstead1971, Stove Gallery Devon 1976 and McNeill Gallery 2016.