The Vale’s Volunteer Army

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The Vale of Pewsey lies in a very rural part of England and volunteering forms an important part of keeping things running.  We are very lucky to have places of heritage and leisure that provide an important part of the … Read More

Winter Walking

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We often think of outdoor activities like walking and cycling to be the preserve of the spring, summer and autumn but winter really can be just as pleasurable. Ok, perhaps not on a day when there’s a gale blowing with … Read More

Focus on Marr Green Farm Shop

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We’ve been talking to Nigel Lihou, who, together with Mike Luce, runs Marr Green Farm Shop in Burbage.  Nigel and Mike took over the shop earlier this year and now run a butchery counter alongside the shop area. Anyone who … Read More

10 Activities for Groups

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It’s always great fun to travel with friends and the Vale of Pewsey offers plenty for groups to do. Of course, for anyone planning to travel as a group, it’s really important to have the activities organised in advance.  Here … Read More

Historic Map Information Boards

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This is an image of a Vale of Pewsey historical awareness board at Wilton Windmill; one of more than 40 that will be distributed around the Vale from Devizes to Great Bedwyn. This unique concept has been designed and created … Read More

Seven Wonders of the Vale of Pewsey

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It was Denys Watkins-Pitchford (whose pen name was BB), the great 20th century author, illustrator and countryman, who included this verse, which he found on a Cumbrian gravestone, at the beginning of all his books, We think it sums up … Read More

A Fishy Tale

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Wiltshire may not have a coastline but it does have Gastronicks in Collingbourne Ducis to keep keen seafood lovers supplied with fresh, top quality fish. A third generation fishmonger by trade and with over 30 years’ experience in the food … Read More

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