Busman’s Holiday?

So, you’re staying in the Pewsey Vale.  Or perhaps you live in the area, and you want to go out for the day.

It’s difficult to choose which walk to do, but there’s the one that takes you to see the stunning views from Adam’s Grave at the top of Walker’s Hill  over at Alton Barnes.  Or how about the Green Man over in Wootton Rivers or Wilton Windmill and Crofton Beam Engines?

The Swan Inn, Wilton
The Swan Inn, Wilton


Crofton Beam Engines on the edge of the Kennet & Avon Canal
Wilton Windmill Heritage Open Day 2010
An open day at Wilton Windmill


But how to get there? You could take the car, but the walk back to Pewsey from Alton Barnes is beautiful so it would be good to take that in as well, but you don’t want to end up with your car in the wrong place. Or instead of walking directly back to Pewsey, perhaps you could walk back via Bottlesford and The Seven Stars, where you could have afternoon tea, or a local beer or two.

And if you go to the Windmill and the Beam Engines, well, it would be great to pop into The Swan in Wilton and try out the real ales and have some lunch, so you don’t actually, really, truly even want to drive.

Why not use public transport?  Yes, we have a bus service that can take you all over the Pewsey Vale!  You could go to the start of your walk by bus and then do the return journey, or why not go by bus one way and walk either there or back – it’s a great way to cover the area.

Connect2 Bus
A Connect2 Bus – this is what you should look out for!


The Devizes – Pewsey – Pewsey Vale bus service can get you within a short distance of a lot of the walks and places to see.  You can download the timetables here or view them on your screen.

But perhaps you don’t normally use the bus and timetables are a complete mystery to you – let us explain ……

The Pewsey Vale is very rural and the villages are quite remote, so it is important to know before you start that we have a part fixed route, part bookable bus service.


Let’s say you’re staying in Pewsey and want to go to Alton Barnes to do that walk up Walker’s Hill.  Looking at the timetable, you’ll be using service 101 and you could get the 8.40am bus from North Street in the centre of Pewsey, arriving at Alton Barnes at 9am.  Just ask the driver to let you know when you get there!

The Seven Stars Inn in Bottlesford

You do the walk, are amazed at the views, congratulate yourself that you decided to visit the wonderful Pewsey Vale and then resolve to go over to The Seven Stars for lunch, after all it’s only a couple of miles.

Well, lunch was great.  To be honest, you really shouldn’t have had the pudding and the thought of walking all the way back to Pewsey this afternoon is too much.  Why not pick up the bus? Either call the bookable service – 08456 525255 – and pick up the 102 service from The Seven Stars at about 3pm or why not have a lovely walk up through Bottlesford to the Woodborough Crossroads and pick up the bus there (without booking) – you can be back in Pewsey within half an hour and the route the bus takes you on is beautiful.


100 101 Services
Click here to view the Pewsey – Devizes and westbound services

But hang on a sec – you’re looking at the timetable and there are lots of stops that don’t have times next to them – they just have a hash (#).  What on earth is that all about?  The hashes indicate the bookable bit – if you want the bus to divert and call at that stop rather than going on its more direct route, you need to book it.  If you are already on the bus, the driver will of course divert to let you off.

A good example of how to use the bookable service is if you were, say, staying Pewsey and wanted to go to Wilton Windmill and Crofton Beam Engines.  You’ll be using the 103 service and probably taking the 9.30am bus from the Co-op in Pewsey.  The bus driver will drop you down in East Grafton, where Crofton and the Windmill are a peaceful walk away.  You resolve to go to The Swan Inn for lunch as it’s on the route.

Well, lunch was great (again!).  To be honest, you really shouldn’t have had the pudding, the choice of local ale at The Swan really was too much temptation ….. – then book a bus to get you back!  Call the bookable service – 08456 525255 – who will be able to advise you on the time of the next bus from East Grafton and will ensure it stops for you to take you back to Pewsey.  The afternoon bookable bus is a bit later than you might like, but it gives you an opportunity to explore the area further or to have a cup of tea in front of the logburner or an ice cream in the garden depending on the weather.

102 103 104 Services
Click here to view the Pewsey Village, Vale and eastbound services


If you have bikes – the buses aren’t enormous and the drivers will try and accommodate them for you.  Suffice to say if you’ve got one or two, then it might be possible but if there’s a group of 8 of you, then probably not!  The best thing is to call the bookable service – 08456 525255 – as they will have an idea of how busy the bus is likely to be.

Dogs – well-behaved dogs are welcome and can travel free!

So, use the bus service and enjoy the trip – you will see the most beautiful countryside as you travel and may not want to get off.



Sorry for this small print, but it’s important!     The bookable service Call Centre is open from 06:30 to 18:30 Monday to Saturday.  Calls will cost 2p per minute plus the cost charged by your phone supplier.

The timings of buses may not coincide perfectly with your plans – it is much better to plan ahead rather than find out you’ve missed the last one.  If you aren’t sure about the services, then please call 08456 525255 for assistance.