The Manningfords

The Manningfords
The Manningfords

There are three Manningford villages – Manningford Bohune, Manningford Abbots and Manningford Bruce.

Manningford Abbots

The name refers to the ownership of the village by the Abbot of Hyde Abbey in Winchester, who also held the chapelry at Alton Priors.  After the Dissolution of the Monasteries in 1547, it went to the Seymour Family (see Wolfhall).

Manningford Bohune

This village’s name is from Humphrey de Bohun from the 12th century, related to the Earls of Hereford.

Manningford Bruce

This village was held by Grimbald the Goldsmith in 1086 and named after the Norman William de Breuse in 1275.  There is the site of a Roman villa close to the Church.

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